White Diamond Show Car Glaze for Light Colors

32oz White Diamond Show Car Glaze shown in photo. Choose your size below.

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Make your light colored vehicle shimmer like diamonds!

White Diamond Show Glaze is formulated exclusively for light colored vehicles all white, silver, and light colors will shine like diamonds! White Diamond fills light swirl marks to bring a brilliant, glossy, slick show car shine to your finish.

White Diamond Show Glaze goes on after your polish step and before your last step product (LSP) be it a wax, sealant, or both. White Diamond Show Glaze makes it easy to maintain a show car shine, even on daily drivers.

We know how tough it is to detail as often as we all would like to. You can’t get out the polisher for every new swirl or minor imperfection that appears on your paint. White Diamond allows you to hide minor imperfections on light colored vehicles until you can remove them at a later time. But don't think for a second that a vehicle in perfect condition can't be enhanced by the use of White Diamond prior to your LSP, it's called a show car glaze for a reason! Using White Diamond on a well maintained vehicle will boost your shine, gloss, and slickness to make your vehicle shine like a Diamond!

White Diamond is for any light colored paint, including clear coats, single stage or ceramics. Whites and Silvers can be tough to get an impressive shine but White Diamond Show Glaze allows you to get them to shimmer. Just like all Poorboy's products, White Diamond can be applied in the SUN or SHADE. Apply it by hand or machine to create an extremely slick, glossy surface.

Use by hand or machine, sun or shade, wipe on let haze buff off.

Machine Buffing Pad Recommendations: Final Finishing or Finessing Pad, low speed application.


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