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Glass Cleaner

Seems that everyone has a glass cleaner, but most come with complaints. We waited and tested until we had the perfect formulation and now it is available worldwide! Poorboy's World Streak-Free Glass Cleaner is so good that if everyone would try it just one time, we'd put all the other glass cleaner companies out of business! Our glass cleaner creates a clean, slick surface that is easy to buff to a crystal clear, streak-free masterpiece. Poorboy's World Glass Cleaner performs more like a quick detailer that we all love to use rather than a typical glass cleaner, this is the reason that people raved about the prototypes we sent out and said "DON'T CHANGE A THING I NEED IT NOW!"

If you want a easy to use, whether in the sun or shade, inside or out, house or car... this is the Glass Cleaner you have been waiting for! Use Poorboy's Glass Cleaner on exterior glass, interior glass, mirrors, window tint and all glass around the home or office. Try it just once and we are sure you will never want to use any other glass cleaner again.

Interior glass cleaning gives many people trouble because of various films that accumulate on the glass and windshield. The same materials that give a vehicle that new car smell also emit vapor that can be hard to clean from glass surfaces without streaking. Cars that have been smoked in have additional film deposits on the glass from tar and nicotine. None of this is a problem at all with Poorboy's World Glass Cleaner. It cuts through stubborn films and leaves nothing behind but a streak-free shine. It contains no ammonia so it is safe for all interior glass and even plastic window film.

Every great product needs a partner ..... use Poorboy's World Velvet Smooth Microfiber Glass Towel to get a streak free shine EVERY TIME.