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Buffing & Polishing

Is your vehicle's paint swirled and scratched or dull and hazy? Does your chrome or polished aluminum just not shine anymore? If so you will need to polish the surface to remove the defects or oxidation in your paint, chrome, or aluminum and get back the original shine. Poorboy's World has everything that you need to buff and polish all of your automotive surfaces to perfection! Poorboy's World has many options to choose from because there are are so many variables when it comes to buffing and polishing. Not everybody is working with the same machine polisher or even has one at all but don't worry, we can meet all of your polishing needs whether you are polishing by hand or polishing by machine.

We have everything from heavy cut compounds all the way down to very fine final polishes. These polishes all follow the Poorboy's World tradition of being user friendly and able to be used in the SUN or SHADE, which is a pretty big deal in the polish/compound world as most other brands are unable to work in direct sunlight.

In addition to Poorboy's World polishes, swirl removerrs and compounds, you'll find a great selection of Lake Country buffing pads and accessories to choose from.