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Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner

Poorboy’s World Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner is a highly concentrated detergent that cleans all microfiber towels, microfiber pads and microfiber applicators. This is a low suds formula that is safe for all HE (High Efficiency) Washing Machines. Typhoon is especially effective at removing wax, polish and sealant residue from the fibers and it rinses completely so towels will feel softer and perform better. Regular laundry detergent isn't formulated to break up and dissolve the wax, sealant, compound and polish residue found in microfiber towels that are used for polishing and detailing.

Poorboy’s Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner was designed to thoroughly clean microfiber towels and rinse completely. Your towels will be softer and perform better after every wash!

By Washing Machine: Add 1-2 oz. of Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner to washing machine for cleaning up to 50 microfiber towels in a single load. Only 1oz. is enough for smaller loads, slightly soiled towels or for use with softened water. Use 2oz for larger loads, heavily soiled towels or if washing with hard water. Warm or hot water works best.

Spin dry with low or no heat.

Do not use fabric softener.

Customer Testimonial: "I've used the Typhoon and have to say, my towels are a lot cleaner and have no residue from cleaners, waxes etc. I wash once and rinse twice as always, but they are just cleaner. Great product." Trent Freeze