Tornado Pad Cleaner

32oz Tornado Pad Cleaner with Sprayer shown in photo. Choose your size below.

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Tornado Pad Cleaner 4oz - Trial Size
Tornado Pad Cleaner 16oz w/Sprayer
Tornado Pad Cleaner 32oz Refill
Tornado Pad Cleaner 32oz w/Sprayer
Tornado Pad Cleaner Gallon


Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner is a specialized cleaning solution that cleans all foam, wool and microfiber buffing and polishing pads and polishing balls. Tornado Pad Cleaner loosens and emulsifies dried, caked on compound, polish, wax and sealant residues that cause polishing pads to gum up and the lose the ability to perform.

Buffing and polishing pads that are cleaned with Tornado Pad Cleaner will be restored, rejuvenated and ready to perform like new again.

Spray-On: Mist Tornado Pad Cleaner directly onto foam or wool pad, agitate with a pad cleaning brush or use a pad cleaning machine and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Squeeze out excess water and allow to air dry.

Pre-Soak: Mix 2oz of Tornado Pad Cleaner per gallon of water and allow pads to soak for up to 4 hours. Clean pads as usual after pre-soaking.


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