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The Ceramic Series

The Ceramic Series by Poorboy's World... Ceramic Coatings, Simplified!

Poorboy's World is pleased to introduce the very first ceramic coating products in our new lineup that we call The Ceramic Series! To start things off , we offer two SIO2-based, thermoplastic resin ceramic coatings that are all that you need for exterior surface protection made easy. SuperHydrophobic Ceramic Coating Kit is for smooth surfaces that include for paint, glass, smooth plastic, chrome and wheels. Everlasting Trim Ceramic Coating Kit is for protecting and restoring textured black plastic trim. Rather than develop too many different products, we took a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to creating the best and easiest to use ceramic coating for cars. A ceramic coating for smooth surfaces and a ceramic coating for black trim pieces that have a bit of a grain textured surface, 

Each Ceramic Series Ceramic Coating Kit from Poorboy's World has been rigorously tested for ease of use and durability. As with all Poorboy's World products, the new ceramic products are designed to be easy to use for professionals and enthusiasts, plus deliver the results that all of our customers demand. If you are a vehicle owner who is looking for a DIY ceramic coating that you can apply yourself and still get professional results or if you are an experienced ceramic pro who also wants something easier, The Ceramic Series from Poorboy's World is here for you. These coatings offer professional quality results but you don't need to be a pro to apply them!