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The Ceramic Series


The Ceramic Series by Poorboy's World!

SIO2 Based Ceramic Coatings for Paint, Glass, Wheels and Trim

Poorboy's World is pleased to introduce the Ceramic Series! We have been doing a lot of research and development behind the scenes that is taking towards the introduction of ceramics into the Poorboy's World lineup. Our criteria for releasing these types of products has been very strict. Our products are known to be easy to use and user-friendly. When you see a new product from Poorboy's World, it has been rigorously tested and not just thrown out into the market.


A message from Steve, owner of Poorboy's World...

I am pleased to announce that in the first quarter of 2020 Poorboy's World will officially venture into the realm of ceramic coatings. We have some user-friendly ceramics coming your way that include an SIO2 Spray Sealant/Coating Booster, 9H Ceramic Paint Coating, Trim Restorer Coating, Glass Coating and a new SIO2 Infused Natty's Paste Wax. This is just the very start as there are even more ceramic-based, SIO2-infused products in development.

Most of the internal testing is complete on the products that are set to debut in about 4 months and we will be putting some product out there for beta testers once we finalize the packaging and literature.

As with all Poorboy's World products, the new ceramic products are designed to be easy to use plus deliver the results that customers demand.

We hope you are as excited as we are about these new products!



As you may have noticed, there are no ceramic coating products listed here... yet! The purpose of this page is to help us get customer feedback regarding ceramic coatings and SIO2 infusd products to see if the interest is there for Poorboy's World to make an SIO2 ceramic coating for paint, wheel coating, trim coating, glass coating and more!

Thank you,


With all of that being said,  bookmark this page and check back for updates in early 2020!