Leather Air Freshener

32oz Leather Air Freshener with Sprayer shown in photo. Choose your size below.

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Leather Air Freshener 16oz w/Sprayer
Leather Air Freshener 32oz Refill
Leather Air Freshener 32oz w/Sprayer
Leather Air Freshener Gallon


Can't get enough of the intoxicating smell of brand new leather .... bring it back with Poorboy's World Leather Air Freshener!

Poorboy's World Air Fresheners / Deodorizers are safe and easy to use. All are water based so they do not over power the occupants. Being water based means they will not stain fabric, headliners, carpets, and seats.

Our unique use of Biocides in our Air Fresheners are used to kill bacteria that cause odors. These Biocides also help prevent mold and prevent musty smells for those who put away their antique or collector cars, boats, or RV's.

Poorboy's World Air Fresheners are something that no professional detailer should be without! Air Fresheners may also be diluted in order to be used in extraction machines.


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