Welcome to PoorboysWorld.com, the official website of Poorboy's World Polishing & Detailing Products! Don't let the funny name fool you, Poorboy's World is serious when it comes to manufacturing the best car care products that are easy to use and provide amazing results. Our goal is to produce world-class auto detailing products that offer an excellent value so we can proudly proclaim:


Poorboy's World Polishing & Auto Detailing products are all designed for EASY ON/EASY OFF APPLICATION by professional detailers and do-it-yourself car owners alike. Our premium line of waxes, sealants, compounds, polishes and swirl removers MAY BE USED IN THE SUN OR IN THE SHADE because we understand that you may not always have access to a garage, carport or even a shade tree when it's time to detail. Every Poorboy's World Car Care Product is thoroughly tested for months and sometimes even years before they are ever released to the general public. We do this in order to achieve the high level of performance that our customers demand.


What's Inside the Bottle Counts!

Don't expect fancy packaging...it isn't needed. Do expect ease of use, fast results and an amazing shine. Isn't that what we all want anyway? Poorboy's World Detailing Products sell because people simply love them!


Proudly Made in the USA

All Poorboy's World Polishing & Detailing Products are made in the USA in house by our expert chemist and dedicated team of product formulators with over 100 years of combined experience!


Available in Over 45 Countries!

Poorboy's World Products are available for purchase all over the globe thanks to our highly valued distribution partners. We are always interested in speaking with potential new dealers and distributors. Wholesale inquiries are welcome!

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Automotive Air Fresheners
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Our Newest Products

Poorboy's World has everything that you need to detail any car, truck, SUV, crossover, motorcycle, boat or RV. Whatever you have to detail, clean it up and shine it up with exterior car care products from Poorboy's World! From car wash soap and detailing clay to car wax, sealant and final detail spray, Poorboy's World has everything that you need for easy exterior car care, detailing and maintenance. All of the exterior car care products but we didn't forget about the interior. You can enjoy a clean, fresh ride on the inside with Poorboy's World interior car care products that include cleaners, protectants and automotive air fresheners. To compliment all of our world class auto detailing products, Poorboy's World offers the best microfiber towels in a wide variety of styles to choose from. Poorboy's World is a favorite among professional detailers, enthusiasts and show car owners. Give our products a try and we might become one of your favorites too! Whether you are a professional auto detailer, a car owner who like to do it yourself, a car show participant or a reseller who is looking for wholesale car care products and supplies, we want to hear from you!