Car Wax and Paint Sealant

Poorboy's World manufacturers a great selection of car wax and paint sealant to fulfill the paint care needs of professional detailers, enthusiasts, show car owners and perfectionists. Our LSP (Last Step Product) offerings include pure polymer paint sealant, synthetic polymer sealant and carnauba wax blend, show car paste waxes, show car liquid waxes and our all-in-one cleaner waxes.

Natty's Paste Wax is known throughout the detailing and car show community as a best value paste wax that provide a show winning shine at a much lower cost than comparible paste waxes. Natty's Paste Waxes can also be layered over our sealants for an even deeper shine and extra protection. If you prefer a liquid car wax, two versions of Liquid Natty's will satisfy your craving for a show winning shine.  

Applying a car wax or paint sealant on a regular basis will protect your paint and enhance the shine, gloss and beauty of the finish. All of our liquid car wax, paste car wax and polymer paint sealants provide protection from intense sun, rain, industrial fallout and anything the environment can throw at your vehicle's finish! In addition to protection, every Poorboy's World car wax and paint sealant product is designed to be used in the sun or in the shade and provide ease of use and fantastic results, regardless of skill level.